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It’s an ideal example of SOP (Statement of Purpose) for Financial Planning Services. Accordingly, you can draft your own SOP.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Name: …………………………….

Course: Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning Services are of immense importance in the present world. A course on Financial Planning Services will provide me with an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of managing finances. I will get to learn about budgeting, investment strategies, insurance, debt management etc. With a financial planning course, I will be better equipped to make informed decisions about financial future. After graduating in 2016 I started work as an assistant accountant and in my last job, I still held the post of an accountant. In brief, there has been stagnation in my career. I have acquired knowledge and experience along the way but find my road to further career advancement blocked. This is why I have decided to take on additional courses, enhance my skills and become a professional in order to make progress in career and life. That is what brings me to this course and this college.

I completed my degree studies in 2016 with an overall score of 56.7%. My topics of study were modern banking, business statistics, business management, corporate accounting and entrepreneurship development. I am joining this course with the intention to study in depth about financial planning and management, taxation, tax planning and management of finances as well as portfolio management. I expect this course to give me skills that will give me capabilities to take on challenges and deliver results in my chosen career.

This program is what I have been looking for. I have worked for over six years as an accountant, starting at a junior level and have gained practical knowledge besides studying on my own. This course starts right off with the chief topics and takes students on to further studies at a fast pace. Students must also undergo periodic evaluation to test their knowledge. The course mixes theory with practical work so that students learn to apply their knowledge in projects.

Why this university

I have chosen Conestoga since it is one of the finest universities in Canada, known to give excellent coaching to international students at fair fees. The College has highly respected faculty members known for their depth of knowledge and for their mastery in teaching students. Besides, Conestoga is where students from different countries study in harmony and exchange ideas. The degrees conferred by Conestoga are acknowledged and accepted by employers. I am sure that my life will change for the better once I complete this course.

Canada has a wonderful system of education. The focus is on vocational training but, at the same time, students are free to pursue higher education in stages. Colleges and universities in Canada incorporate latest advances in technologies into the course, which directly benefits students. Canada is also peaceful and affordable for people from countries like India. There is cultural diversity and yet harmony prevails. I am sure I will be able to learn much more beyond classroom studies during my stay in Canada.


I started work in May 2016 at Globesta Auditors and Accountants as an accounts and audit trainee and assisted the chief auditor. I then left to join BR Associates Kuravilangad in August 2016, working there as an accountant and handling computerized accounting using Tally ERP 8. I handled routine accounts as well as finalization. I joined Dams Sky Pvt Ltd as an assistant accountant in April 2017. I was in charge of preparation of books of accounts, income statement and balance sheet. In April 2021 I joined Unique Homes as an accountant and worked here till February 2022. My task was to prepare income and expense statement and general accounting duties in addition to office administration.


I have been preparing myself for the proposed course by studying and referring to books on my own.

Leadership/community experience

The lockdown during the Covid 19 pandemic prevented me from attending office. I used this time to good purpose by working for the community.

I am ambitious and will work hard to achieve my goals. I am ready to take on challenges and I will persevere in my studies to succeed. I am confident of doing well in studies here and I certainly hope to contribute to the college’s co-curricular activities.

Career goals and how this course will help

Business is booming in India and there is a growing segment of upwardly mobile professionals who are earning well. They will need the services of financial planners. There are stock broking agencies that are likely sources of employment for me. I can also find work with chartered accountants and consultants to develop and manage portfolios of high-net-worth individuals. I am sure that the job I get will be quite a step up from the positions in which I earlier used to work. I will be able to earn a good remuneration and also a good position in the corporate hierarchy as well as in social circles. All of it will be entirely due to this course.

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