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Course: Computer Science

Institution: Birmingham City University

Country: United Kingdom

Computers have revolutionized how the world functions within a very short amount of time. Growing up, I found myself attracted to technology and was always curious about it. I however never considered studying computer sciences formally until after my Bachelors. I pursued my college education in Civil Engineering and completed it in 2021 from Anna University. As I went through my education, I realized my deep interest in Computer Science as I took up certificate courses and was even more inclined to themes related to the subject after my work experience. I also am drawn to the increasing scope and challenge that the subject offers. I have therefore decided to study it formally so that I am able to build a career out of my love for Computers.

Why this MSc in Computer Science at Birmingham City University?

The MSc Computer Science course a Birmingham City University is especially designed for students who are newly studying the subject. It is therefore perfect for me. The course will offer me a broad and balanced introduction to computer science. I will also greatly benefit from the strong ties the department shares with the industry. Besides this, the department also boasts of several prestigious accreditations and associations. The course additionally offers a pre-semester week long programming boot camp, where I will be able to develop fundamental understanding of the programming languages that will be taught in the course. I will also benefit from a personal tutor assigned to me. I believe some of the most knowledgeable academics in the world will serve as my mentors.

Why United Kingdom?

The diversity of ideas and cultures in the United Kingdom is what drew me to the country firstly. I am also aware of the brilliant connectivity that the country shares with the rest of the globe. The UK is also one of the world leaders when it comes to technological advancements. I believe, as a student, I will not only grow academically but also as a person, from all the amazing interactions.

Classes/ Projects

Some of my favorite subjects in college were Civil — Structural Analysis and coding languages like Python and Java. These are also relevant to my current course. I also learnt immensely from the group projects that I was a part of. They helped me contextualize the theoretical knowledge I accumulated during classes. One of the relevant projects I took part in was titled ‘Smart Home Automation’. I built this project using Arduino to automate doors based on commands. I also learnt from taking up several certificate courses. During my undergraduate years, I also participated in several academic events and won several awards and recognitions. These experiences taken together have helped me develop a fundamental grasp of computer science as well and have prepared me and given me the confidence to pursue my interests further.


I joined the workforce immediately after my graduation in 2021. I am currently employed at Infosys in the role of a java developer. A project I have been very proud to be associated with during this time was when I worked for Mercedes as a Java backend developer. I also completed Java certification during my time here. In the 1 year that I have worked, I have been recognized as the best employee and have also been appreciated for the team project. Infosys happens to be one of the pioneer organizations in software services in India. I am privileged and pleased to have been a part of this prestigious enterprise. My time here has definitely carved me into the person I am today.

Leadership/Community experience

I’ve always appreciated taking part in cultural activities. I frequently assisted in the organization of cultural events hosted by my college. As an undergraduate student, I participated in many Cricket tournaments and also regularly took part in Karate events. Along with enjoying my role and meeting new people, I also learnt key lessons about leadership, unity, responsibility, teamwork, and humility from this experience.

My Values

I am someone who gives great consideration to health and fitness. To be our best selves, I think it’s crucial to be in good physical and mental health. Consistency, diligence, and honesty are values that I place a high importance on. I also have a strong sense of adventure and believe that growth comes from pushing oneself past one’s comfort zone.

Career Goals

India’s IT industry is expanding steadily. India’s information technology hub is Bangalore, the state capital of Karnataka. The IT and Big Data industries are currently expanding quickly in this city and throughout India. I hope to eventually offer my skills and technical knowledge from my education to this transformation. My study in the UK would expose me to international working standards and aid in my development as an IT specialist. I hope to someday return home and put what I’ve learned to use for the advancement of my own nation, by working for a highly reputed IT firm.



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