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Name of the Student: ………………………………………………………

Course Applied to: Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) Program

University: University of Memphis

Country: USA

I believe, in today’s time, there is a growing demand for graduates who are able to combine the sound knowledge of economics, finance and business with IT and data analysis skills. This unique specialist profile is both extremely interesting and challenging, in my opinion. Information System is especially fascinating for me due to the vast scope it presents. I was always interested in Data Science, analytics and in technology, generally. This interest however, developed even further during my undergraduate years. I enrolled in the Bachelors of …………………. at …………………….. in 2018 and subsequently, graduated in 2022. As I became more aware of the applied aspect of my course and got familiar with the job market, I became more drawn to combining knowledge of technology with business. I am hence at a point in my while, where I believe enrolling in a post graduate course such as the MSIS course offered by the University of Memphis will be the correct next step.

Why MS in Information Systems at University of Memphis?

I believe this course is perfect for me because it combines two of the most quickly advancing domains in the world and so it is very contemporary and relevant to today’s times. This course prepares students to excel in roles such as business and systems analyst, systems and application designer, data analyst, and technology project manager. This degree program merges business administration with information technology to furnish learners with the skills they need to be successful.

The course is extremely interesting to me and perfectly suits my academic interests. Course papers such as Programming for Business, Business Machine Learning, Information Security Management and so on that are offered by the course are extremely interesting to me. I believe I will be able to gather new knowledge about the business aspect while honing my already learnt technical knowledge and skills.

Moreover, the University of Memphis is one of the most prestigious institutions in the USA while the course itself is ranked one of the best. The department is also known to collaborate with several big tech companies and consultancies. I will be taught by some of the best in the domain. Besides this, the university boasts of a high international student ratio which also drew me to it.

Why USA?

In the fields of business and IT, the United States is renowned for both its research output and leadership in the sectors. It has always captivated me for its role in paving the path for innovations. I would want to witness firsthand how the IT industry and commerce sector joins hands to create solutions. I would be thrilled to have the chance to study through observation and interact with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Classes/ Projects

As an undergraduate student of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I have been part of several projects as part of my curriculum. I was part of a project titled: ‘Agriculture Ad for Tomato Harvesting.’ This was my major project. We worked on an automatic tomato harvesting robot using Deep Learning Algorithm. We designed the algorithm in a way so that it was able to distinguish between ripe and unripe tomatoes and effectively harvested ripe ones. This was done using Python.

Besides this, I also enrolled myself in several certificate courses and I am now fluent in Python, SQL, CSS, HTML.


I am currently working with a firm by the name MEDVOCS which is a medical software developing company. Despite my short time as an employee here, I have gained tremendous insights about the industry. I have learnt from my colleagues and seniors and feel grateful to have been a part of such an amazing enterprise.

Leadership/Community experience

Because I held various leadership positions as an undergraduate, I have a deeper understanding for leadership as a virtue. I also frequently competed in intercollegiate cricket events. I can state with certainty that my experiences have helped me develop patience and understanding. Throughout my journey, I have led a lot of initiatives and faced a wide range of perspectives, all of which have helped me grow as a person.

My Values

I am a person with a great sense of adventure who believes that I thrive in difficult conditions. I’ve always tried to broaden my knowledge and consciousness by immersing myself in new and challenging situations. My decision to go to a university in the United States stems from a desire to immerse myself in a new atmosphere where I can engage with people from all over the world.

Career Goals

With the growth of both India’s IT industry and commercial sector, I believe this is an excellent time to be an Information Systems specialist. From my education, I hope to be able to seamlessly combine the physical and digital components of a business across all channels by merging data science with a thorough understanding of the industry and business processes. I aspire to someday work as a professional in an MNC, and I hope that my foreign education will provide me with the essential skills and credentials.

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