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Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Name: ……………………………..

Course: Masters in Biomedical Engineering

University: …………………………………….

Biomedical engineering is a rapidly growing and exciting field that combines engineering principles with medical sciences to develop solutions to address healthcare problems and improve patient treatment outcomes. It is a multi-disciplinary field that involves the application of engineering, biology, and technology to the study of human physiology and the development of medical products and systems. The uses of biomedical engineering are widespread, from improving device design and manufacturing to designing and developing treatments for diseases. Its use helps bridge the gap between engineering and healthcare, which is essential for the advancement of modern medicine.

Biomedical engineering is a fascinating topic in which I took interest early on in life, possibly inspired by my father who is an engineer. It is guidance and foresight that led me to choose biomedical engineering when others were going for mechanical, engineering and civil engineering. He saw that there will be immense demand and that there is much that can be done in the field of biomedical engineering. I therefore studied biomedical engineering and am glad I did so because I realized the possibilities. I wish to study even more in order to become a specialist and to work at the highest levels.

What we have been taught so far in undergraduate studies is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. It has, in fact, motivated me to study more because there is a lot to study. I would like to study more about imaging systems, devices, prosthetics, diagnostic equipment, sensors, biomechanics and applied mathematics. I completed undergraduate studies with an overall CGPA of …….

I have chosen this program because, on examination of its curriculum, I find that it starts where I left off. This course incorporates latest advances in technologies in this field. It finely balances theory with practical work and evaluates progress of students on a regular basis. There is constant interaction between teachers and students and students can also get into associateship or research, which is of prime interest to me.

Why this university

This university is known for expert and systematic teaching in biomedical engineering. Its faculty members are experts in their chosen areas of specialization and give students systematic training to become expert engineers. Of particular interest to me is that this university has an excellent lab and workshop where students can work on development of advanced equipment as part of their project work.

The USA leads in the world in several areas such as IT, engineering, aeronautics and particularly healthcare. Its system of education is the best and quite different with the focus on students acquiring knowledge and demonstrating their skills rather than simply passing exams. Innovation is ingrained into the American psyche, which is responsible for so many innovative developments coming out of the USA. It is a country where inventions originate. I would like to use my time here to learn from people and imbibe their values.


My main project was an IoT based smart monitoring system for Covid 19 patients. I also attended the Atria Biosciences Workshop and a workshop at the GKM College of Engineering and Technology.

I did a minor project on ARTERIAL BLOOD GAS ANALYZER in which an arterial blood gases (ABG) test measures the acidity (PH) and the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood from artery.

The MAJOR PROJECT that I did was on IOT BASED SMART HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEM FOR COVID 19 PATIENTS. This is a realtime health monitoring system utilising the measured values of body temperature, pulse rate and oxygen saturation, blood glucose of the patients.

Leadership/community experience

I like to play cricket and to read on various topics. During the covid 19 pandemic I was part of a group of college students that organized relief work for the unemployed and those who were affected by the lockdown.

I am fond of using my knowledge and skills to think up of something new and develop something useful. I hope to study well at the university and emerge fully empowered to contribute to human welfare through progress in biomedical equipment.

Career goals and how this course will help

Biomedical engineering offers an array of job opportunities for professionals with the right skills. This industry is well suited for those who are passionate about science and technology and have expertise in areas such as engineering, medicine, and biology. As a biomedical engineer, I will be able to use my knowledge and skill to help develop medical technologies and equipment, diagnose and treat medical conditions, and contribute to advances in the biomedical field. I will also have job opportunities in research and development, clinical engineering, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, and sales and marketing, among other areas.

Indian industries are flourishing and Indian healthcare is on an upswing, especially in the private sector. The population is burgeoning and there is going to be a big demand for biomedical equipment. I can easily find a job as a production assistant to start with and gradually progress to the post of production manager in a company engaged in the manufacture of biomedical equipment in India. I will owe all my success to this course and this university.

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