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Course Applied for: MS in Mechanical Engineering

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The field of Engineering has reached incredible heights. Infrastructure nowadays is going through a surge of development, bridging together aesthetic beauty and the aspect of convenience, altogether to create unique structures for the entire urban village. I shall elaborate underneath as to why I’m interested in pursuing higher education in the aforementioned discipline. The fact that human civilization is rapidly expanding across the globe makes the field of engineering highly crucial for our sustenance.

My interest to pursue higher studies in the aforementioned discipline primarily stems from my academic pursuits. I have passed my intermediate exam and also graduated as a Mechanical Engineering student. I have done noteworthy projects that add towards my knowledge-base and skill-sets required for pursuing such higher forms of education, projects that I will describe underneath. Apart from my academic endeavors, my interest in Mechanical Engineering comes from the objective to innovate. In other words, I am wary about the anthropocentric processes taking place globally and the impacts falling upon the ecosystem. My concern is to bridge the gap between innovation and sustenance, and perhaps learn about the dynamics of biotechnology in a profound manner, so that we may be able to come up with engineering solutions that take the expanse of human civilization ahead, as well as sustain the balance of our thriving environment.

I have always admired the USA, when it comes to world-class education. My interest to study there comes from the fact that it is amongst the top countries in innovation and development. Furthermore, the engineering marvels present there, as well as the research upon various other forms of technology, automation, robotics, so on and forth, compels me to travel and learn more in the States.

I have gathered information about several universities known for its Engineering department, from which this particular one interested me the most. I was driven firstly, by the course structure, and then by the faculty. I have judged the course based on the practicality of subjects/papers it provides, and its interdisciplinary approach of teaching made me quite sure that the learning process would be self-reflective and unique.

I have done a project on Gearless Angular Power Transmission System designed in (cad, fusion 360 and solid works) and made Motion Analysis (Animated). Another project was based on the development of a Prototype Model of Automatic Braking System. This project was a combination of programming and controlling with embedded systems, sensors, control units and motors. My indulgence in both these projects tested my practical skills and it turned out to be quite fruitful. I, in-fact, have honed my practical skill-set through such ventures and will strive to learn more, develop such skills and contribute towards the development of technologies that speak for overall progress.

I attained the experience of working in an active work-environment when I interned at Mahindra Pvt Ltd, an automobile company. I worked there for 6 months during my diploma course. I worked as a technical engineer and was assigned with public support roles as well. I am also an experienced musician, wherein I share a keen interest in playing the piano and drums for my own peace/leisure. I share an interest in dancing and have done stage performances too. My parents are known for classical and freestyle dancing. I also have some athletic experience as a cricket and football player. I received the Rajya Puraskar Award in scouts and guides, got certified A in the National Cadet Corps (NCC) and played at the Jr. Olympics Tournament for the under-19 Hockey Team.

I was elected as the students’ president during my time in engineering college. I attained adequate knowledge of leadership and management during the time. It further developed my community-building experience. The responsibility of holding an authority taught me the important lesson, that everyone’s inclusive efforts are equally important for keeping an institution gracefully together.

My values are inclusive when it comes to community-building and eco-conscious. We are witnessing a surge of anthropocentric design/progress. It is vital to acknowledge the pros and cons of every development, so that we may not overwhelm the natural dynamics and balance that sustain our presence. Furthermore, inclusive ideologies are important because the need for humanity to be one and together is of dire importance in this post-modern era. Conflict is becoming somewhat globalized, which must be contained.

I have set my career goals, to become a successful engineer. However, I do not intend to limit my career in one objective approach. Rather I wish to explore, like in Mechanical Engineering, I wish to learn more about robotics design, automobiles and biotechnologies, so that I may be able to bridge the gap between innovation and sustainability, altogether harnessing better technologies for the unhindered progress of our expanding civilization.



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