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Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Name: …………………………………………….

Course: Sustainable Resource Management

Sustainable resource management is essential for the health and well-being of our planet. By managing resources responsibly, we can ensure the long-term health of our environment and economy. The practice of sustainable resource management ensures efficient use of resources and minimizes waste, pollution and depletion. It also contributes to the resilience of our systems in the face of climate change, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving our natural environment. Additionally, it encourages the use of renewable and eco-friendly solutions, improving human health and quality of life. In short, sustainable resource management is essential for a healthy and sustainable future.

I currently work as Facilities Coordinator for Optimum Facilities Management in Kuwait for their Mahaboula Offshore projet and theKuwait Go-Kart track project. I am a qualified civil engineer and it is not too much of a challenge to handle my duties but I do find that managing resources optimally calls for specialized knowledge. I lack this knowledge and aim to remedy my deficiencies through advanced studies in sustainable resource management. Sustainability is a key word these days and managing resources includes knowing how to implement sustainability and care for the environment. I am sure that the proposed course will endow me with skills and capabilities that will help me to do my job better.

I did my B.Tech in civil engineering with an overall score of 6.9 CGPA. The topics I studied covered water resource engineering, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, geomatics, computer analysis of structure and others. Resources interested me enormously since a civil engineer must be competent to manage resources. I have chosen this course in order to study sustainable resource management that will add a layer of capability and skills to complement my engineering skills.

This is the program of my choice for several reasons. One, it gives students a solid foundation in the concepts of sustainable resource management to start with. Thereafter, it proceeds to teach students advanced concepts. Learning is delivered through classroom based studies and students then follow up by taking on projects related to what they have learnt. Professors constantly monitor and evaluate students for their progress and help out in cases of difficulties. This is a concentrated program that covers a lot of ground and gives students advanced capabilities.

Why this university

The Technical University enjoys an excellent reputation for quality education not only in Europe but elsewhere with hundreds of students from all parts of the world flocking to its doors to pursue higher education in specialized areas. It has one of the best faculties known to impart quality education in a diligent manner. Its degrees are respected and graduates of this university show exceptional skills that make them sought after in job markets. I will think it a privilege to be able to study here.

Germany stands for excellence in my mind. I have admired German engineering as can be seen in the machinery and equipments manufactured here. I also marvel at the discipline of people here and the culture as well as traditions. Germany is also one of the best study destinations in the world, particularly for topics such as the one I intend to study. I am confident that my stay here will be enlightening and transformational.

My Past Experience

I graduated and then took up a job as facilities coordinator with Optimus Facilities Management in Kuwait. The company manages facilities on behalf of corporate entities and public institutions. I am in charge of the Mahaboula Offshore Project and the Kuwait Go Kart Track project. Prior to this I served as an intern at Al-Meer Technical Services, handling their Kuwait Oil Company project in 2018.

Classes/projects that I undertook

I have a certificate in Autocad 2D from Autodesk. I have completed a course on Initiating and Planning Projects from the University of California Irvine. The third course I did was Sustainable Development Goals from the University of Copenhagen, both courses being done through Coursera online.

The project I did during my studies was Comparison of Vermifilter with Bio Filter for the Final Year studies.

Leadership/community experience

As a facilities coordinator I have to collaborate with and engage with different people and teams and have learnt to play a leadership role.

I won the best delegate award for the International Model United Nations Meeting in 2020.

I play soccer and was a center forward for my college football team.

Values I bring to the institution

I am ambitious and believe that knowledge must increase not only horizontally but vertically too so that when one works, one can address challenges and bring about resolution. When I take on something I see it through. My focus is on this course and on putting in the best efforts to do well and justify the university’s selection of me as a candidate.

Career goals

As a civil engineer I noticed that development does not proceed in isolation; there are relevant intermeshing concerns such as the environment and usability for people and the costs involved. Once I obtain this degree I will be able to work in a senior position in infrastructure development companies in India and play a lead role in driving sustainable development. In ten years I hope to become the head of the department. I may even start my own consulting company. This course degree, coupled with my civil engineering qualifications, will help me to develop and initiate construction projects. My success will all be due to this course.

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