Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) for MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Name: ……………………………………………

Programme: MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship & Innovation

College: King’s College, London

“Like a fish takes to water” is a well known saying. For my family and for me business is the waters we swim and live in and it is our life. Right since childhood we grew up observing business practices and thinking business. It is only natural that I should follow in my father’s footsteps, emulate him and even exceed his expectations when I eventually step in his shoes. This program is in furtherance of our family’s strategic business goal.

What I wish to study and why this program

Business methods are changing and one must adapt to changing times. My father is a self-made businessman and follows time-honoured traditions. I will no doubt take over the business in time but I wish to bring about modern, innovative changes. This is the reason I choose to study the MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship & Innovation program at King’s College. It has topics and courseware that resonate with my career goal of advancing our family business with innovative strategies. This program will equip me with current technologies and skills to help me withstand competition and advance the family business.

Why King’s College, London

If one must study then one should study at the best institution. My evaluation of King’s College shows it scores in all respects. Its faculty is the finest one can hope for. The university offers exemplary methods of teaching, an environment conducive to study, access to library and research papers and a chance to get in touch with innovators. England epitomizes etiquette. I hope to acquire soft skills during my brief stay here and that should help me in business relationships. England is home to different cultures and has an excellent tradition of business going back several centuries. What better country to learn about entrepreneurship?


For a month I was a business developer intern at Aditya Infracomp Pvt Ltd. My project was to analyse property trends, implement social media marketing and interact with prospective customers.

My next internship was with Sarlal Engineering Ltd as a sales consultant. I worked in the marketing department and helped to analyse and define possible avenues of innovative strategies to further the company’s business.


I am an extrovert, a go-getter and believe in doing the best and the maximum. I have spent time to good effect, attending classes to acquire more knowledge. I have a Diploma in French language. I passed Level 2 of Speech and Drama at the Trinity College, London and then obtained Level B1 in Cambridge English ESOL. I have attended classes by University of London on Manage the Company of the Future and in digital marketing from Google. I have also undergone a course on Successful Negotiation by University of Michigan and a course on Financial Markets from Yale University.

Leadership/community experience

It is not just studies that life is made up of. I take part in sports and other activities. I have taken part in National Under 19 School Games and All India IPSC Athletic Meet.

I won the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, conferred on youngsters who give exemplary service to the community. I have worked as a volunteer with Samarpan, an NGO that conducts training for students with special needs and disabilities.

During vacations I usually work at my father’s office and in the field in order to gain experience. I bring a fresh perspective and try to inspire my father’s employees to think out of the box and be bold so as to grow the business.

In my school days and during college I formed a group and led them on adventure tours, community services and in sports meets.

Values I bring to the institution

I work hard. I try to think differently and to explore different ways of thought. I also have good problem solving skills and am a good team player too. I believe in perseverance and commitment to whatever I undertake. I hope to inspire others at the college and to score high, enhancing the institution’s reputation.

Career goals and how this course will help

I am a small town boy hailing from Patna in Bihar where opportunities are limited. However, I learnt a lot from working for my father in his warehousing business, the first in Eastern India and an example of innovative entrepreneurship. On completion of this course I will possibly work in some large companies in order to gain insight into corporate way of doing business.

Thereafter, I shall join my father and work to explore innovative avenues in our business and add additional lines of business, making it a nation-wide multi-dimensional operation. My father set up the business from scratch. I have a head start and aim to achieve much more. This course will give me knowledge and skills to help me realize my ambition.

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