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Statement of Purpose

Name: …………………….

Course: MS in Finance

Even though there may be richer and more capable people in this world, Warren Buffett is my ideal. I read up on him about how he started his small business right when he was in school and was well on his way to becoming a millionaire in his teens. It is his financial acumen that took him to where he is at the moment. I also admire his philanthrophy and generosity. While I may not achieve that level I do aspire to do well in the world of finance and this proposed course will give me the wherewithal to become a financial wizard.

What I wish to study and why this program

Finance occupied my attention right since my school days. I had economics, business studies and accountancy for my 12th standard and majored in Finance for my graduate studies. My post graduation studies are also focused on finance. The world of high finance intrigues and interests me and I wish to become an expert. Therefore, I am seeking to pursue the Masters in Finance course at this university. This program is a perfect fit in terms of topics that are of interest to me in reference to my career goals and interests. I wish to learn about finances, financing, financial institutions and about the intricate world of finance in general so that I can take up a responsible position in a top-flight financial institution.

Why this university and this country

I find that universities across the world and even in India offer postgraduate degrees in finance but the course curriculum and topics taught do not coincide with my interests. This university alone offers a curriculum suited to my goals. It has a fine faculty especially in finance and the university offers an excellent campus life, study facilities and a chance to interact with finance gurus. I am sure I will learn much more in this university than in any other institution.

As for England, I have since long admired its expertise in finance. London is the financial capital of Europe and England has centuries of traditional expertise in business all over the world. I am sure to learn better manners, a different way of life and learn much more in England, adding another facet to my personality.


My chief project for my graduate studies was a study on entrepreneurs in Micro, Macro and Medium Enterprises. I focused on the role finance played in the success and growth of such industries and how such industries would benefit from expert financial strategic planning. I learnt how crucial financial expertise is for businesses to succeed and the world I did enthused me to aim to become an expert on this topic.

Leadership/community experience

I am a fitness fanatic and regularly work out to stay fit, a strong believer in the dictum “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” I also play shuttle badminton. During my college days I led a team to take part in inter-collegiate championships.

During the pandemic I used these qualities to put together a team to work along with NGOs to bring relief to those badly affected directly by the pandemic or indirectly such as wage loss and sustenance.

Values I bring to the institution

I have plenty of self-confidence and oodles of enthusiasm to learn more and never to rest content with what I know. I have a keen, inquiring and analytic mind with a head for figures, as they say. I aim to excel in academics and I also aim to take part in cultural and sporting activities at this university. I hope to enhance its reputation and then, later on, when I settle down to work or learn more, I certainly shall promote it to others wishing to take up finance.

Career goals and how this course will help

In my country I see many people starting their own business based on their experience or education but I observe that they lack financial acumen. Many businesses fail due to this. I intend to return to India and work for some time in a financial institution to gain in-depth understanding of the world of financing.

Thereafter, I shall start my financial consultancy organization to assist micro, medium and large enterprises with financial advisory so that they may succeed and progress. I am sure these successful enterprises will lead to improvement in employment and general economy of India. This course will be the starting point to a life dedicated to finance.

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