Statement of Purpose (SOP) for MSc in Pharmaceutical Science

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Statement of Purpose

Name of the Student: ……………………………………

Course Applied for: MSc in Pharmaceutical Science

Shortlisted University/Institution: University of Greenwich

Country: UK

Ever since the discovery and utlilization of drugs for treating human ailments/diseases, medical science has come a long way to address the issues of human health. Evolution of the pharmaceutical industry and in-depth research activities/experimentation has now made an array of illnesses easily treatable, ones that were considered life-threatening years ago. However, there is still much more to understand, like the application of medicines, administration of drugs in the body, knowing the severity of any region-of-action for particular ailments/diseases, and so on. My interest in this particular discipline sparks from a familial background in medicine/pharmaceuticals, academic pursuits and specified projects that I’ll elaborate underneath.

I did my graduation in Pharmaceutical Science, with all necessary subjects like Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, Industrial Pharmacy and more. During this pursuit, I gradually acquired practical knowledge with college-based projects and assignments, eventually developing my rigid interest to pursue higher education in the field. It is quite fascinating to understand the delivery of drugs, how professionals administer a certain dosage for a specific period of time, based on factual research and objective approaches. The realization that my own home country needs more innovation in the field of medical science and pharmaceuticals as a whole further motivated me to pursue higher studies in the aforementioned discipline.

It has come to my knowledge, from research, that The UK is one of the best places to pursue higher studies in Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences. The use of synthetic drugs became a widely accepted phenomenon across European countries, ever since its discovery in 1869. In this regard, the UK shares a prominent history during its emergence and expansion. Pursuing higher education in the aforementioned discipline at the UK shall enable me to learn about the history and expansion of the field with profundity. Furthermore, I have also come to know about the provision of extravagant educational facilities, which of course would become a highlight to my career, as I complete my studies here.

My decision to study in the University of Greenwich comes from an avid course of research done upon universities/institutions belonging to the country. This particularly shortlisted one has been confirmed based on information I gathered from primary and secondary sources.

Primary sources were alumni who have already studied and established productive careers in the field, whilst secondary sources were blogs, online articles and similar literature-sources that I was able to find. This university also provides an extensive range of support services for both current and prospective students. From career advice to library resources and student activities, the University of Greenwich offers everything you need to succeed in your studies.

I believe the details about facilities, faculty, course-structure and additional provisions adequately suffices my academic needs. The programs are indeed unique and would effectively hide my knowledge-base and skill set to its utmost potential. I probably wouldn’t be able to hone myself in similar standards studying in my home country.

I have done a project on the Development and Validation of Rapid RP-HPLC Method for the Determination of Chlordiazepoxide in Bulk form and Pharmaceutical Dosage form. The objective was to analyze a method for the purposes of bulk supply, delivery and administration of the respective drug. The project juxtaposes both theoretical and practical narratives to formulate an effective course of action. The project yielded fruitful results and further enhanced my expertise in Pharmaceutical Science.

I have gathered practical experience during my academic pursuit, dealing with legal medicines/drugs, attaining knowledge about their application processes, handling bulk storage and indulging in field-based activities by exploring/observing chemists within the city. My experience in the aforementioned project also developed my skills in learning about the chemistry and biology of Pharmaceutical Science. The experience is noteworthy, because in an age of rampant population explosion and the emergence of unexpected diseases, it’s vital for practitioners to thoroughly learn about medication procedures, contents, apparatus and scientific foundations before putting it out on the public domain.

My leadership and community experience stems from school itself, wherein I was part of group activities. I learned the value of teamwork and collective effort during group-based assignments, where duties were collaborative. Results in teamwork definitely harmonizes the fluent flow of tasks. That is one important lesson I learned or developed during such indulgences of community-building.

I believe in progress driven by a determined sense of self, open-mind and passion to indulge in career goals. My passion to learn Pharmaceutical Science is home-grown, and serves an ardent purpose to me. I feel complete as a part of this discipline and my value stands firm, which is to innovate and address the hitherto unrealized issues that are inherent in the broader field of medical science, in my country and worldwide.

Pharmaceutical Science opens up an array of opportunities for aspirants like me. However, with the allowance of choosing from a diverse set of professions, I have a keen interest in establishing my career in hospital management and as a Chemical Analyst. The tasks are critical and important, but with the adequate set of skills and knowledge inherited from a great educational background, I can certainly thrive in the sector and contribute towards the betterment of society. A career in pharmaceutical science is a great way to combine my passion for medicine and science with a rewarding career.

Pharmaceutical scientists play an important role in the development of new drugs and treatments, as well as in the production and testing of existing drugs. The field encompasses a wide range of disciplines, from biochemistry to pharmacology, making it an exciting and diverse field of study. I will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research projects that could potentially benefit millions of people around the world. With an ever-growing demand for professionals in this field, now is an excellent time to pursue a career in pharmaceutical science.



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