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Name of the Student: ……………………………………..

Course Applied for: Computer Science

Shortlisted University/Institution: ……………………

Country: USA

Computer Science Education is highly relevant in today’s world. It has opened an array of opportunities/scopes for us enthusiasts who strive to succeed in life and contribute towards the pace of progress. Nowadays, there’s a variety of job-openings/listings in the field of Computer Science. Businesses look out for professionals in Data Analytics, IT, Database Management and Web Development. Almost every sector is concerned with models that provide predictive information that would further aid towards decision-making processes in an efficient manner. The world of business is infinitely large, and judging by the rising significance of Computer Science, it would certainly be a great feat to establish a career in the same.

I did my graduation in Computer Science and Engineering with all the necessary subjects. I have three Coursera diploma certifications. They are Interactive Programming in Python, Deep Learning AI TensorFlow Developer, Network Security and Database Vulnerabilities. I also participated in a workshop on Android Application. I have done projects that are centric towards the aforementioned discipline, ones that I will elaborate underneath. My academic career, therefore, grants me the knowledge and skills required to pursue higher studies in Computer Science Education.

The inception or beginning of the Digital Age can significantly be marked in the USA. Silicon Valley, which undoubtedly is the Grand Canyon of the age of computers, is present in Northern California. The region is known for immense innovation and progress in the field of Computer Science. So, while I study there, I will have the exclusive chance of visiting such esteemed sites, engage in field-based activities, indulge in research and learn things that I possibly could not in countries other than the USA.

The aforementioned university is my foremost preference to study because of the multitude of high-grade educational facilities it provides to students. I have learned from online sources about its reputation and the existing faculty, who are well-trained to teach students without a lack of transparency, whatsoever. It has always been a long-lived dream/desire to study abroad, in a university where I can hone my potential to the utmost level and enjoy facilities that are fairly unique, in contrast to other institutes/nations.

I did a project on Online Bidding Platforms, where I designed and used an online bidding system. Here, users would be able to connect with specific sellers who would offer them necessary information or lend a hand in selling their items. It would eventually help curb time-consumption and offer quality deliverables to the bidders by quick response and attention services. Another project was on Secure Data Transfer Through Internet Using Cryptography and Steganography. The objective was to make a secure and imperceptible transaction of information. The project proposed a technique to hide encrypted text within an image by combining cryptography and steganography processes. It was a practical test of my knowledge in using computer languages and technical tools, which turned out to be quite efficient.

I have the experience of developing solutions and programs to enhance cyber security. Online fraud, scams and breach of privacy are grave problems that still make the internet an unsafe place to express/share. So, my experience in providing solutions for such matters equips me with the practical-skill set to further learn and indulge in activities that contribute towards greater platforms in the industry. Some of my other experiences include playing Cricket for the school team, participating in college festivals and excelling in the subject of Drawing, which I chose in my 10th grade.

My sense of teamwork was greatly ushered when I played alongside several others in a cricket tournament held at college. The value of teamwork was greatly taught. This further enhanced my sense of community. Other community-building experiences derived were from neighborhood programs, where I helped manage events and host guests who attended community-welfare programs.

I have inclusive values when it comes to community-building. I also value sustainable progress when it comes to the rampant pace of anthropocentric development. Judging from how wide the expanse of opportunities is opening for us through the discipline of Computer Science, my values firmly stand for upward development, as well as for social mobility. I wish to bridge the gap between technology and nature, to come up with solutions that speak for the safety of humankind, the environment and of course thrust the undisputed development of our modern civilization.

After the completion of the course, I will come back to India. I believe with the knowledge inherited from my academic career the practical skills developed during my indulgence in projects. I wish to establish a well-defined career in India in the field of Computer Science, like being an IT professional, Data Analyst or Web Developer. The Information Technology (IT) sector in India is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. The sector has seen exponential growth in the last few years due to the government’s focus on digitization and e-governance. The IT sector in India is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.5%. The sector is also expected to create over 1 million jobs in the next five years. India, in-fact, is going through an immense surge of development under the digital revolution. So, with a renowned status/recognition in job-profiles, aforementioned, I believe I can effectively contribute towards the sectors who are always on the look out for reliable predictive models and decision-making tools to enhance their work processes, businesses and so on.



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