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Course Applied for: Masters in Data Science

Shortlisted University/Institution: …………………………………………….

Country: USA

We are living in a Data Intensive world, where every sector, human process/function and business activity is concerned with the management, storage and sharing of data. The internet still welcomes an infinite number of users, every passing day, making data and information resources highly critical and valuable in this age of digitization. The registration of more users means the expansion of existing data reserves. My interest to pursue higher studies in Data Science stems from my academic pursuits, wherein formal courses and certifications grants me the adequate set of skills to acquaint myself with the higher learnings of the aforementioned discipline. Furthermore, I have been a part of relevant projects and work-experience, which I shall elaborate underneath.

I have done diploma courses that cater towards the varied subjects of Data Science. I completed Python and SQL Bootcamps by Jose Marcial Portilla, from Udemy, in the years 2020 and 2021 respectively. I have also received a formal certification on Data Science and AI, awarded by Social Prachar (Hyderabad). Apart from my academic pursuits, my interest towards IT and Computer Science is somewhat homegrown. In other words, I have always developed a keen interest in computer design and technology, since school as a growing kid. I have always wanted to indulge in the field to know and learn more. Now as I have grown, and witnessed the digital revolution with my own eyes, I feel it is only evident for me to pursue a career in the aforementioned field; especially judging from how widespread and prioritized the field of Data Science has become during these contemporary times.

IT, Data Science, Data Analytics and every similar discipline pertaining towards the larger discipline of Computer Science embeds its roots in the USA. The country is renowned for the emergence of tech giants, establishment of the Silicon Valley and the globalization of a digital revolution that has raised the heights of innovation in every sector known to humankind. The country would be able to provide facilities that are unique, such as field-based visits and research at sites (like the Silicon Valley) where I would be able to witness functions/processes in person.

The aforementioned university further adds to my preference of studying in the USA. I have come to know about the varied facilities provided by the university, from primary sources (students/alumni) and secondary sources (internet). The institution is well-known for its faculty, whose collective efforts effectively train students and bring out their utmost potential. I can be sure about the same because of my contact with alumni who have in-fact established full-pledged careers in the aforementioned field, having studied form the same university. So, my interest to pursue higher studies/education from such places stands firm.

My academic pursuits have honed my analytical skills to a fair level, where my indulgence in symposiums, seminars at college have made me comfortable, as well as attuned towards handling and communicating information. I believe in applying the same set of skills when it comes to data management and analytical tasks. I have done a project on the Implementation of Sub Threshold Adiabatic Logic for Ultralow Power Application. Results were quite noteworthy as we were able to justify certain factoids pertaining towards energy preservation and sustainable development models. The project was a test of my practical skills and the results turned out to be fruitful.

I have attained first-hand experience of indulging/engaging in an active work-environment, whilst working for Amazon as a Customer Service Associate, and Apple as their Annotation Analysts. With both the firms combined, I have garnered experience of over 5 years. It is quite vivid as to how my work experience reflects upon my skills on handling, interpreting and using data for the distinctive requirement of such companies. I wish to raise my set of skills along with my knowledge-base, with the inventory of such experience, to keep learning and innovating the field and address the unrealized gaps of our digital post-modern society. I have won awards in college-held symposiums and quiz competitions too.

My leadership skills stem from my experience of being a student representative of IEEE during my time at college. I also garnered community-building experiences by organizing college events. I took the responsibility of organizing seminars, presenting papers and assisting groups regarding assignment-based projects/activities. With such experiences, combined, I have indeed developed vehement leadership and community-building skills, simultaneously learning the unparalleled essence/value of teamwork and collective effort.

I stand for inclusive values in society. During a time of rampant urbanization, globalization, digitization and so on, our unity is a must to retain the balance of innovation. It is necessary for everyone to acknowledge the good and bad, criticism and praise, black and white, in order to progress ahead in a sustainable manner. My value also stands for the preservation of our ecology, which seems to be in a critical situation. So, with every mode of development that’s taking place, my values motivate me to excel in whatever I pursue, holding together a keen sense of unity and environmental activism throughout my professional pursuits.

Lastly, my home country, India, is gradually transitioning into a complete IT or digitized infrastructure. The economy is becoming almost entirely data-intensive, along with a multitude of sectors, businesses (both established and emerging ones). With my distinctive set of knowledge and skill-set that I have acquired throughout my academic career, work-life and co-curriculars, I am confident enough to establish a career in Data Science, with the motive of providing concerned sectors the edge in decision making and actionable insights.

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