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The world, as we know it, is growing immensely with the digital revolution. Every form of business and process pertaining towards human progress, is now based on IT and computer-based design/technology. Without a doubt, Computer Science Education forms one of the innovative pillars of human progress. My indulgence in the discipline will prepare me for the future, where everyone would be seeking effective solutions through digitized mediums/platforms, to further cope up to the rising standards of digitization. Furthermore, the pace of progress, sustainability and innovation can only be harmonized or made fluent by an in-depth understanding of the science behind IT, computer-aided technology, artificial intelligence, so on and forth.

Why this course?

My academic achievements, along with specific certifications along with participation in projects motivate me to pursue higher education in Computer Science. While all of them shall be elaborated underneath, I will briefly talk about it here to state/clarify my reason for choosing Computer Science. Firstly, I have formal certifications in cloud computing (AWS), Machine Learning, programming in Python, Virtual Experience Program and Accenture Development. These achievements unlocked my potential to indulge and contribute towards the field of Computer Science with effective ways/solutions. Apart from the academic fulfillment, my motivation is driven by a fast-paced world that’s progressing ahead, upon the pillars of the digital revolution, where convenience is heightening with an array of problems. With an international degree and exposure in this discipline, I would be able to solve problems and bridge the gaps that are prevalent in various sectors.

Why this country

The USA is my first and foremost preference to study Computer Science because I sincerely believe the amount of practical knowledge and training, I can receive in the country would by far be the most unique and exclusive, as compared to other countries. This is because I could actually visit sites and corporations where the digital revolution initially began. I can indulge in research activities at Silicon Valley to hone my knowledge-base and skill-set. Furthermore, I can revisit the history and expansion of tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Social Media platforms that emerged from the US. It shall also teach me how I must proceed to expand on similar terms.

Classes/ Projects that I undertook

A project on Skin Cancer Detection using Machine Learning tested and improved by practical skills on Machine Learning. I was able to put my knowledge inherited from the six-month diploma course on Machine Learning to test, on skin cancer detection. It gives me a certain sense of rejoicement and pride to admit the levels of fruitfulness I attained in the project.

Another project is currently on Diagnosing Cardiovascular Disease using the KNN Algorithm. It’s worth noticing how my experience in such projects was concerned with the unison of computer and medical science to assist in treatment and detection of diseases. I am further motivated to use my knowledge and skill-set of algorithms, machine learning, cloud computing, programming and so on, to contribute effectively to the field of medical science, engineering, technology, governmental sectors, wherever I can, to address the hitherto unrealized issues of human society and the environment.

The various certifications I have received, that have already been mentioned above, further adds to my inventory of knowledge and skills required to excel in the discipline.

My Experiences

I did my internship in Salesforce, which was a virtual internship provided by SmartInternz and recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Apart from the projects and academic achievements listed above, I am also experienced in providing solutions and doing field work for social development programs. For instance, one is the Social Innovation Campaign held by the college department, which required field work and critical assessment at a rural location to identify and address the prevalent issues of the common people. My recordings, observations and critical findings were submitted to the faculty and later on processed to come up with solutions. With such experiences in both social and computer science, I believe I can excel and address socially prevalent issues with the assistance of computer-aided design and technology.

I also have athletic experience, being a former Cricket and Badminton player. In-fact, I won a trophy for being the most promising player in a Cricket Tournament, named Pepsi Cup, and medals for Badminton tournaments. I help my father at times with his business too, where I manage accounts and use Customer Relationship Management Software to render specific functions/processes.

Leadership/Community experience

My experience in the Social Innovation Campaign taught me the essence of teamwork and gave me profound community-building experience. I worked with groups assigned by professors to gather information and research-friendly data from field works and interviews conducted at the rural area, from natives. My belief in the efficacy of teamwork stems rigidly from my experience of being an awarded Cricket and Badminton player as well.

My Values

My values are both utilitarian and fanciful, scientific and social. I believe in innovation and human progress by bridging the gap between the design of technology and the well-being of humanity. My value persists in harmonizing the two, in order to retain balance and simultaneously move humanity’s wheel of progress ahead.

Career Goals

With an established career in Computer Science Education, I would be able to contribute vehemently, yet effectively, towards the progress of my own home country, making it a significant part of our entire global village. As far as technological innovation and the advancement of the digital revolution is concerned, building a career would indeed be fruitful. However, efforts would turn out to be vague without proper understanding and acknowledgement of its prospects. So, with such a sense of thought and ideology I want to excel in the discipline, indulge in socially innovative processes and contribute to make the world we live in, a far better place.

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